Double A Paper

Fulfills digital world with tangible best quality.

Double A is a premium paper brand known for its high quality, superior performance and sustainability. Double A paper sheets have 30 million fibers per gram, a unique feature that confers multiple benefits across the entire range.


Superior formation with unique fiber characteristics result in Double A’s smooth surface. In an independent test, Double A ran through a high-speed copier for 24 hours without a single jam. The smooth surface gives it a high quality touch.

Sharper Prints

Double A’s smooth surface allows, making copies as sharp as the original, whether in black and white or in color.

Two-Sided Use

The high opacity and excellent formation resulting from Double A’s high quality fiber allows double-sided printing.

The Double A Difference, You Can Feel It!

Our name stands for Double Quality because we work to provide superior paper quality and superior sustainability practices throughout our organization.

No Jam Paper
You’ll be frustration free. In an independent test, Double A ran through a high-speed copier for 24 hours at one page per second without a single jam.
Sharp Printing
An even, high-density, low-ash surface makes copies as sharp as the original, whether in clear black and white or in vibrant color.
The Smoothest Paper
With 30 million fibers per gram, Double A Paper has superior formation.
Bright and White
Our paper has impeccable print contrast and actively resists fading.
Friendly to Copiers
A low-ash content keeps machines moving and prolongs copier life and productivity.
Double-Sided Perfection
High quality fiber for high opacity + premium formation = double-sided with no show through. With two sides for twice the use, you’ll save paper and help the planet.
Lasts Longest
Our acid-free paper archives your important information with superior quality for years to come.