Our story

Changing the World with Paper

Double A is widely recognized as the number-one premium paper brand in Asia, with healthy sales in Europe, Australia and the Middle East – and the potential for strong growth throughout the world.


We got our start in 1991. From day one, we had a strong intention to offer our consumers the possible best quality of paper with possible best practices to be responsible to the world, the environment and the community. And Double A did transform intention into actions.

We took careful steps in selecting high quality pulp materials which is derived from a signature raw material called ‘Double A Paper-Tree’ -a key contributor on consistent high quality of Double A paper. We acquired state-of-the-art technologies to build up the ‘Mill of Tomorrow’ in absent rural area of Thailand with a humble ambition; not only to create earth-friendly pulp and paper manufacturing, but also being responsible to bettering the lives of people in the communities.

Our name signifies Double Quality – the culmination of our two greatest ambitions: to produce superior-quality paper, and to run a sustainable business. All this is encapsulated in our slogan: Better paper, better world.


We never compromise on quality; from the moment the seed enters the ground to the point where your ideas come alive on paper. And we’re proud of our record on the environment – smart, sustainable and responsible practices that help make the world a better place.

There are plenty of paper companies that turn heads with outstanding product quality. But are they changing the world, too?