Double A Paper

Double A Premium

80 gsm premium multi-purpose

Double A Premium is a medium-high-grammage paper designed for printing premium professional documents such as reports or presentations. To achieve the very best render for this type of document, printers need premium-grade paper with the right weight and composition. Our product strikes the right balance, making it an excellent choice for high-standard printing.


Double A Premium is an 80 gsm paper – a standard weight for printing paper. This grammage makes it a high-quality paper suitable for double-sided printing. The Double A Premium copy paper is available in A4 (210 x 297 mm), A3 (297 x 420 mm) and A5 (148 x 210 mm) formats.

Double A Clever Box

Another clever choice for Double A premium

Double A Clever Box is unwrapped paper with 2500 sheets per carton of Double A Premium 80gsm. It’s specially designed for high quality and high volume printings.


Less ream wrap means less consumption and less left to recycle. Aren’t you feeling good to use the paper that doesn’t compromise on the Quality while prioritizing sustainability?

Double A Color Print

90 gsm copy paper for vibrant,

vivid and impeccable color printing

Double A Color Print is a high-grammage paper designed for printing colorful and highly detailed documents. To achieve the high-quality render needed for this type of document, printers require premium-grade paper with the right weight and composition. Our 90 gsm product strikes the right balance, making it an excellent choice for demanding color prints.


Double A Color Print weighs in at 90 gsm, making it one of the thickest products in our entire range. TheDouble A Color Print copy paper is available in both A4 (210 x 297 mm) and A3 (297 x 420 mm) formats, allowing you to print standard-format documents with an important emphasis on color.

Double A Presentation

100 & 120 gsm superior quality copy paper

designed for your significant reports & presentations

Double A Presentation is a high-grammage copy paper best suited to versatile professional needs, such as charts and report presentations. With extra high smoothness, bright whiteness and the right balance thickness, it is best for all professional presentations.


Double A Presentation weighs in at 100 and 120 gsm, making it the highest premium quality within our products in the Double A range. The Double A Presentation copy paper is available in both A4 (210 x 297 mm) and A3 (297 x 420 mm) formats. Simply choose the right format to suit your high demanding quality presentation needs.

The Double A Difference, You Can Feel It!

Our name stands for Double Quality because we work to provide superior paper quality and superior sustainability practices throughout our organization.

No Jam Paper
You’ll be frustration free. In an independent test, Double A ran through a high-speed copier for 24 hours at one page per second without a single jam.
Sharp Printing
An even, high-density, low-ash surface makes copies as sharp as the original, whether in clear black and white or in vibrant color.
The Smoothest Paper
With 30 million fibers per gram, Double A Paper has superior formation.
Bright and White
Our paper has impeccable print contrast and actively resists fading.
Friendly to Copiers
A low-ash content keeps machines moving and prolongs copier life and productivity.
Double-Sided Perfection
High quality fiber for high opacity + premium formation = double-sided with no show through. With two sides for twice the use, you’ll save paper and help the planet.
Lasts Longest
Our acid-free paper archives your important information with superior quality for years to come.